Jesus Christ said, “It is written, My house shall be called a house of prayer.”

The Tragedy of Making Excuses (Part 1)

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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Mass Choir singing “Amazing Grace”


100 Days of Preaching the Gospel #6 | with Daniel Whyte III

Some people are always making excuses for not doing their duty, and especially for not coming to Christ. If I asked some people to come to Christ, they would be ready to give some excuse for not accepting the invitation. When people are presented with the Gospel they automatically have an excuse for not receiving Christ, and if they don’t have one ready, Satan will be right by them to help them make up one. He is good at it. That has been his occupation the last six thousand years — helping men to make excuses.

Keep in mind, that the men in our passage were invited to a feast — not a funeral. They were not invited to go to prison. They were not invited to a hospital. They were invited to feast. Now, when a man prepares a feast, there is a great rush to see who will get the best seats; but when God prepares His feast, the chairs would all be empty, if His disciples did not go out to compel people to come in. No sooner did the King send out His invitations than the excuses began to rain in.

I want to share with you three excuses that people often give for rejecting salvation and the Biblical answers to each of these excuses.

I. Some people say, ‘I have tried, but it is just too hard to be a Christian.’

II. Another excuse people give is “I can’t understand the Bible.”

III. A third excuse that people make is ‘Well, there are hypocrites in the church.’